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(C-54) Smithsonian Skating Party


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Premium quality boxed holiday cards. 12 cards and 12 deluxe envelopes in each box. Cards come either BLANK or with our standard message, "Wishing you happiness and joy during this beautiful holiday season and throughout the coming year."



*Please specify in the drop-down box above if you want boxed cards (perfect for individuals and families with smaller mailing lists) or if you are ordering on behalf of a firm, business, or office and will want to bulk order flat cards.




At the turn of the last century visitors would come to the Smithsonian Castle during the holiday season to see the decorations at to enjoy outdoor activities on the Mall.  Sleigh rides and ice skating were popular with everyone, as were spiced flapjacks and roasted chestnuts.  The carousel that sits in front of the Castle is actually a 20th century addition to the Mall.


The Smithsonian liked this image so much that it was featured on the cover of The Smithsonian Associate magazine in December 2002.



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