Washington DC holiday cards 

(C-40) Pennsylvania Avenue

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Premium quality boxed holiday cards. 12 cards and 12 deluxe envelopes in each box. Cards come either BLANK or with our standard message, "Wishing you happiness and joy during this beautiful holiday season and throughout the coming year."



*Please specify in the drop-down box above if you want boxed cards (perfect for individuals and families with smaller mailing lists) or if you are ordering on behalf of a firm, business, or office and will want to bulk order flat cards.




Pennsylvania Avenue aka "America's Main Street".  Artist Carol Dyer painted the scene as she imagined it would have looked at the turn of the century.  The building on the far left corner was erected in the 1890's to house the offices of the Evening Star newspaper.  On the opposite side of the corner is the Old post Office, a Romanesque building completed in 1899 and, at the time, the largest government building in Washington.  The "Congress Bells" in the Old Post Office tower, replicas of the bells in London's Westminster Abbey, ring for three and a half hours on state occasions and at the opening and closing of Congress.

The Apex Building, halfway down the left-hand side of the street, at one time housed the gallery of famous photographer Matthew Brady, who photographed Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and 16 other American presidents.  This building was later purchased by Sears, Roebuck, and Co.


The roadway in 1900 would have been dirt, but it was eventually paved with brick.  The transportation would have been horse-drawn buggies and trolley cars.  The trees that lined the avenue in this scene were later cut down for firewood.  This scene has become one of Carol Dyer's most popular Washington scenes.


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