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(X-4) Jackson Square in New Orleans

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Premium quality boxed holiday cards. 12 cards and 12 deluxe envelopes in each box. Cards come either BLANK or with our standard message, "Wishing you happiness and joy during this beautiful holiday season and throughout the coming year."

*Please specify in the drop-down box above if you want boxed cards (perfect for individuals and families with smaller mailing lists) or if you are ordering on behalf of a firm, business, or office and will want to bulk order flat cards.


Situated on a bend in the Mississippi River about 90 miles from its mouth, New Orleans (founded in 1718) is barely higher than the water level of the river, lake, and bays that surround it.

Jackson Square is the perfect landmark to represent the French, Spanish, and American traditions of this fascinating seaport.  Formerly known as the Place d'Armes, it features an equestrian statue of the square's namesake, Andrew Jackson, the Battle of New Orleans hero who defended the city from a British invasion in 1815.  

The Saint Louis Cathedral in the center of the image is flanked by the Cabildo, which at one time housed the city's Spanish government, and the Presbytere, home to the New Orleans clergy.  Both buildings are now part of the Louisiana State Museum.  The elegant Pontalba Buildings can be seen on either side of the square.

In the forefront of the scene you can see a levee, a bulwark against river flooding that stretches for miles and serves as the port's quay for shipping. Cotton was the principal cargo, but sugar, wheat, and lumber were mainstays as well.

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