Washington DC holiday cards 

Holiday cards are a must for your business

Posted on August 11, 2016


1.  They Will Remember.  The customers, clients, partners, and individuals on your mailing list will remember you.  Dedicating the time and money to producing and sending a card will certainly leave a lasting impression.


2.  Greeting Cards Rise To The Top.  In a world where your inbox and your mailbox are filled with commercial ads and spam mail, a personal greeting card will rise to the top of the stack.  They don't get lost in the shuffle (or a spam filter).


3.  Your card will be put on display.  Whether it is at the home or office, your card will be seen by many eyes.  Our cards are beautiful works or art.  All of our images were once gallery showcased original paintings by renowned artists.  When somebody receives a card from Monumental Products, it goes up on their mantle at home or on a wall at the office.  Your greeting card, up on display, is now acting as a mini-billboard for you and your company.


4.  This Time, It's Personal.  Sending and receiving cards adds another dimension to your networking practices.  A tactile sentiment is a welcome change from the world of digital and social media.  Reach out to your network on a personal level and avoid getting lost in the noise.

5.  Maintain Great Client Relationships And Show Gratitude.  Besides the obvious benefits of touching base with everyone on your mailing list on a more personal level, cards give you the opportunity to send out a message we probably all should send out more often than we do.  While the business-to-business marketing, advertising, and brand recognition benefits of cards can't be denied, maybe the most important message to send professionally during the holiday season is one of thanks and gratitude for another great year!


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